Do you have a pain in the neck?

Do you or someone you know suffer from neck pain? You likely will, with over 30% people suffering from neck pain each year. Even if pain settles down, it turns up again in 50% of people! (1)

So what could be the solution?

Neck pain giraffing you crazy?

If your neck is either stiff or sore, physiotherapists may provide you with some tips to make a change! Your physiotherapist will discuss treatment options with you like heat application, correct stretching techniques and strengthening exercises. Simple strengthening and endurance exercises for your neck, upper back and shoulders can be beneficial in both reducing pain and improving function. (2)

Physiotherapists can also provide relief with massage and soft tissue techniques specific for you and your pain. Here at HPP we go one step further and consider the cause of your neck pain and discuss strategies to prevent your neck pain from coming back again!


Why put up with that pain in the neck any longer? Make a booking with our team today.


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Jonty Durrheim